Wooden Jewelry Storage Chest

Wooden Jewelry Storage Chest,Wooden Jewelry Boxes

What is a box ?

Box is a structures used for storing or transporting goods. It describes a variety of containers. The boxes are mostly rectangular in shape. They may have horizontal cross sections that are square, elongated, round or oval shaped or vertical sections having sloped or domed surfaces. It is opened by raising sliding or removing the lid. The lid of the box can be hinged or fastened by clasps or catches and locks. They are decorative as well as ornamental. They are mainly used to store small items. They can be made up of steel, cardboard, other metals or wood. From all of them, wooden boxes are more popular .

Wooden Box

"Wooden Boxes" are very delightful and elegant. They are beautifully created. They represent traditional as well as modern in their look and feel. They add class to all places and have a high aesthetic value.

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