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Pakistan Onyx Marble is manufacturers of Himalayan crystal rock salt licks in Pakistan for horses, cows, buffaloes,cattle, sheep, camels & Pet animals licking salt. Our Natural Himalayan Licking Salt Blocks for horses are the mineral rocks that contain lots of salt minerals and trace elements, mined from 250 millions years old salt deposits in the foothills of Himalayas in Pakistan. Himalayan salt licks are one great source of nutrients for horses, cows, sheep and camels.

himalayn natural rock salt licks

himalayn natural rock salt licks himalayn natural rock salt licks

Salt Licks from 100% Original Himalayan Crystal Salt, hand picked, handcrafted and having the same profound positive effects on your animals that it has been scientifically shown to have on humans. Best salt licks for farm cattle horse cow sheep and pets.

We are manufacturers and exporter of Himalayan rock salt licks for sheep, cattle and other animals in Pakistan,offering best retail and wholesale prices. Our livestock licking salt blocks are 100 percent natural and purest Himalayan crystal salt for all animals, a unique salt supplements for livestock, horses, cattle, sheep, camels and all pet animals. Each salt lick comes ready with a handy rope to allow it to be hung on a gate,fence, trough or tree.

Selling Animal's Lick Salt in weight range 2-5 kg or customer requirements. Our lick salt is perfect for Cattle farm, Goat farming, Horses, Deers. etc

The Salt Lick on a Rope! A 250 million year old source of minerals and trace elements for your horse or pony. Mined from the vast and ancient Himalayan mountains, and providing the mountain people with one of their main sources of income, these salt licks must be the purest form of salt available. The distinctive rose pink colour comes from the salts mineral content, such as iron, potassium and magnesium, which are all vital for maintaining health. Himalayan rock salt licks are literally 'rock hard', which means that horses and ponies are unable to bite chunks off them, a problem that can occur with the softer 'pressed' salt licks. These licks can be hung on paddock fences, in the stable or barn for your horse to ?self dose. Our experience has shown that horses do prefer these to other salt licks.


ANIMAL SALT LICKS was started to help with an affordable nutrition solution that would prove critical to improving the health and lives of animals.A natural & healthy growth accelerant for prime lamb production that's cost effective and returns healthier profits.. Himalayan Health Crystal sheep & lamb salt licks are this and much more... there are many companies involved in the health industry but most products come at a price many people can't afford and they typically require major changes to ones lifestyle to be of benefit, one of the most difficult things for anyone to do.. Pakistan Onyx Marble knew there had to be a high quality natural ingredient product that was 100% safe to use and that everyone could include in their daily routine without having to make radical lifestyle changes.. SIMPLE for everyone.. following a chance encounter Pakistan Onyx Marble launched HIMALAYAN SALT LICKS the World's greatest ANTIOXIDANT... after studying the research on Himalayan crystal salt, Pakistan Onyx Marble found there was sufficient medical evidence that it is a safe & healthy product.. this is supported by therapeutic health results & benefits achieved by people who evaluate HHIMALAYAN SALT LICKS.. it's a product that you can trust.. 100% safe for family, pets or livestock, poultry, and aquaculture..

Similar ingredients have been used for the past 2,000 years and today these are now poor in quality and unsafe for the consumer due to chemical & industrial pollution and refining.. read more about this in Nutrition..

It's simply a matter of switching to the best alternative natural product...


you cannot afford to be without it...

The World's first genuine HIMALAYAN SALT LICKS provide us the natural way to improve health.


Meat producing animals (fish, shrimp, prawns, rotifer, beef, chicken, mutton, pork, turkey, duck, lamb, goat, deer, etc) benefit in many ways taking HIMALAYAN SALT LICKS. Salt licks or granulated supplement. It's an essential component of an overall better health plan for Aquaculture, Livestock & the Poultry industry. You will find important information here about HIMALAYAN SALT LICKS. Salt lick and granulated salt is an essential daily nutrition food that people must have if they desire to live a fit, energetic and healthy life.

Don't wait for an easier or more simple solution to improve your health, start taking HIMALAYAN HIMALAYAN SALT LICKS. Salt lick and granulated salttoday and experience the benefits our peers discovered and enjoyed more than 2,000 years ago... It really works!

The Pakistan Onyx Marble is offering natural salt lamps, tea light salt candle holders, animal figurines salt lamps,sculptures salt candle holders, bath salts, massage therapy stones, massage therapeutic pyramids, salt tiles and salt bricks, fully handcrafted from 100percent pure Himalayan crystal rock salt. Please e-mail or call us for best wholesale, bulk or any minimum quantity order. Visit our website for more amazing salt products. We can also customize your ideal designs in salt lamps,candle holders, massage therapy salt stones and foot massage salt soles.