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Natural salt Bricks & Tiles are used to make Spelotherapy cabins.Spelotherapy cabin means a room or area having its floors and walls erected by using only salt crystal Rock Bricks and Tiles Where people sit and breathe ionized air i.e. enrich natural negative ionized inner atmosphere produced through ionization process by crystal Rock Salts.

Lights behind Rock Salt walls warm the walls and produce beautiful, soothing and relaxing environment.

Speleotherapy is a natural health alternative treatment for asthma, respiratory conditions, immune system disorder and illnesses, used extensively in Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Rep. and Armenia etc.

natural rock salt bricks and tiles natural salt tiles and bricks

Pakistan Onyx Marble salt tiles and bricks can be used to build Salt Cave for Speleotherapy, spa, gyms and yoga rooms and to decorate receptions and fireplaces as well. Rock Salt Tiles and Bricks are available in different sizes. All sizes are available on demand. Better and fine quality salt rocks, may be used for building Suana Rooms, Salt rooms, Speleotheropy rooms, Salt caves.

In the Battle of Hydaspes Some of the injured soldiers succeeded to escape with their horses and took refuge in natural caves of Himalayan Mountains. While the tired and injured horses were found licking the rocks, but later it was discovered that they were actually the rocks of Natural Salt. In some days injured animals were getting healed quickly in the salt mines. Since that time, the local people have been using Himalayan Natural Salt not only in their daily routine food, but also for their pets and animals.

natural salt tiles and bricks

Like our bodies pets and animals also suffer from these types sodium chloride deficiency, which can cause many hidden diseases. As the Scientists experimented by placing salt blocks in their pastures, and found a hell of difference in the animal's health naturally.