USB Himalayan Salt Lamps

USB Himalayan Salt Lamps natural & crafted Salt Lamps

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps connect to your computers USB port/s. They change color using multi colored LED lights inside. When switched on the salt lamps act as natural dehumidifiers and help clean air pollution. They generate negative ions to counteract the radiation emitted by your computer. They promote relaxation and helps relieve stress, almost a prerequisite when using computers! The LED lighting is very economical and will last over 20,000 hours. Further more, these salt lamps can be connected to a USB wall charger (approved for your country) and will make great night lights. These salt lamps are made only from the highest quality natural Himalayan salt which has been mined in a completely ethical fashion.

PAKISTAN white salt lamps called " Snow White Natural Lights " are supplied worldwide with approved electrical power cords and bulbs for USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa and all European Union countries. Our electrical cords are made by certified manufactures.

The USB has all these outstanding features:

  • 1. Hand Carved from 100% all natural Himalayan Salt
  • 2. Gorgeous colors that come from over 80 naturally occurring minerals
  • 3. People that utilize salt lamps often say they sleep much better and feel energized
  • 4. Concentrate more on getting your stuff done, with less trouble concentrating
  • 5.Salt Lamps Can create a protective Negative Ion area that protects against electronic frequencies that can distract, agitate and cause discomfort

  • Each USB Salt Lamp comes complete with a 3 foot cord and weighs in at approximately 1lb. This is the perfect size to use with any laptop or office computer.


    Shapes: Natural , Pyramid, Globe ,Obelisk etc Or custom Design
    Sizes: 5 to 6 " height or Custom Sizes
    Colors: White ,Pink , Reddish Orange
    Base: Polished Wood, marble and Onyx
    Packing: 4 ply inner, 7 ply master carton
    Also available in Fancy and custom Print Packaging