White Crafted Candle Holders


White Salt lamps and Himalayan salt crystal lamp & salt candle lights for wellness, organic Himalayan salt skin care, gourmet Himalayan salt therapy and wellness products

White Crafted Candle Holders

Crafted natural White Salt candle Holders very special candle lamps are hand-carved from rock salt crystals mined in Pakistan, and bored-out so that a single tea-light candle fits inside. The crystal is translucent, so the tea-light candle flame produces a beautiful glow. In addition to serving as a beautiful, decorative, and safe candle holder, the Himalayan Crystal Light, when warmed by the candle flame, emits negative ions. These ions cleanse the air by removing dust, pollen, dander, and cigarwtte smoke. The also offset the harmful radiation produced by computer monitors, TV's, and other electrical devices.  

Pakistan Onyx Marble is one of the main and well reputed manufacture and exporter for highest salt candle holder/tea lights. Our Salt Candle Holder or Salt Tea Light are finely crafted and made from most excellent quality Himalayan Salt. we crafted following candle holders crafted bamboo shape salt candle holder , crafted boat hape salt candle holder , crafted cube line shape salt candle holder ,crafted cube shape salt candle holder , crafted cylinder shape candle holder , crafted D shape candle holder , crafted date shape salt lamp candle holder , crafted dice salt candle holder , crafted flame salt candle holder , crafted flower shape candle holder , crafted glass shape salt candle holder ,crafted goblet shape salt candle holder , crafted heart shape candle holder , crafted leaf salt candle holder , crafted leaf shape salt candle holder , crafted leaf shape salt candle holder ,crafted octagan shape salt candle holder , crafted pot shape salt candle holder , crafted reactangle candle holder ,crafted rope shape salt candle holder , crafted round shape salt candle holder , crafted salt candle holder , crafted star shape salt candle holder , crafted step shape salt candle holder , crafted sun flower shape candle holder , crafted tree salt candle holder , crafted triangle shape salt candle holder ,crafted zigzag shape salt candle holder. Here you can find both natural as well as crafted salt crystal tea light candle holders. We are providing a huge collection of salt lamps and salt tea light candle holders. Animal shaped salt candle holders are available here at cheap prices as well as you can also find the flower shaped salt tea light.

natural salt candle holders natural salt candle holders


Natural Shape and crafted tea light candle holders Carved from purest salt lumps mined from Himalayan salt range. 


Sizes: 0.8-1 ,1-2 Kg
Colors: red, reddish orange, light orange
Packing: 4 ply inner, 7 ply master carton
Also available in Fancy and custom print packaging

Pakistan Onyx Marble the leading manufacturer of all the products of the salt lamps and salt candle holders like fruit shaped salt candle holders for example apple shaped salt candle holder and crafted shaped salt tea lights. In crafted shaped candle holders you can find the high quality manufactured of blade shaped tea light, cross shaped candle holder, diamond shaped tea light, heart shaped candle holder, hexagon shaped tea light, leaf shaped tea light, natural shaped candle holder, natural salt tea light, cubed, star shaped candle holder, wine shaped tea light, triangular shaped candle holder, cone shaped candle holder, cone shaped double candle holder, wineglass shaped candle holder, Himalayan salt crystals candle holder, flower shaped candle holder, tortoise salt candleholder. Our company has the skilled and specialist workers who provide exclusive and attractive designs. Our main focus is providing the high quality at the discounted prices.

Salt candle holders give profound wellbeing and wellness advantages for body, mind and soul. Himalayan salt mines of Pakistan are the most famous salt mines all over the world. We are the leading salt lamps manufacturing company in the Pakistan that export best salt throughout the world. We cautiously manufacture our salt candle holders with other extremely efficient, natural and organic components to provide you wonderful salt tea lights. Salt tea lights or candle holders not only the decoration pieces but also use as skin care, oral care, air purifier and foods that proffer health benefits to keep away you and your family as well as pets from diseases.