Wooden Cowboy Theme Collapsible Baskets

Wooden Collapsible Spring Baskets

This is a polished wooden folding basket with four chambers. An artistic and innovative artwork of well skilled craftsmen. Its frame has been cut in slices so that the wood take shape of pockets and works like spring. To open it, turn its handle at 90 degree angle and the basket will pick its actual shape. If it is not in use and you want to carry it, fold the handle to 180 degree and the basket will have a shape of Frisbee. Please look at the pictures. The pictures are worth thousand words.

Some unique Features:

1. This basket can be folded and unfolded easily.
2. Made from pure rosewood ( sheesham wood ) which gives it rich classy look.
3. Can be used for fruits, candies , dry fruit etc. A perfect art piece as room kitchen or dining room decor.
4. The basket has carvings which gives an vintage look. The handle is plain & carved.

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